Need a bit more help,

a suggestion or an original gift?

Are you unsure if the size will suit you?

Please send me your waist measurements (measure the circumference of a part of your waistline where you usually wear skirt or pants) and I will confirm it.

Maybe you need a very special colour combination, simple plain one-colour piece or just don’t find your perfect combination among available pieces?

Tell me what are you looking for – which colours, for what kind of outfit style or occasion and I will find a perfect solution for you. Any photos appreciated.

You need an original gift for someone who is passionate about travel, for someone who is a fan of unique multi-way pieces in her closet, for someone for whom you don’t know exactly what size she wears, or simply don’t know what to buy?

You can never go wrong with MUDA! Ideal for travelling as it is versatile, very light, and takes up little space. Can't be either too small or too big. It comes originally packed in a recyclable
smoothie glass with a straw and makes a perfect surprise. Guaranteed!

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